Tangible Musings

“First I have to finagle with Phadeus”

—   Hercules
"You know, I haven’t seen this much love in a room since Narcissus discovered himself." - Hermes, in Hercules

“Jon? Come back”

—   Sam, Game Of Thrones.

“-You’re right. It’s a bad plan. What’s your plan?”

—   Realistic dialogue in Game Of Thrones

“-I got one, right through the heart. He’s dead.
-Oh! Is it over then? Here you go. *hands bow*”

—   A flippant conversation..before a fall

-..I was nothing at all. And when you’re nothing at all there’s no reason to be afraid.

-But you’re afraid now.

-Yes, well. I’m not nothing anymore.

—   On fear - GoT

“I promise you I won’t die”

—   GoT paraphrasing Team America

“Nothing makes the pasture a sweeter place to visit than the promise of imminent death”

—   Sappiest episode of Game Of Thrones ever?


Outdoor thermometer, Barcelona